Fetmo Unlock

Step 1:

Navigate to https://orders.femtoevo.com and create a FREE account

Step 2:

Under the “Services” Tab, select your vehicle. If you have a car that’s a “non-M” BMW, select the first option where it says regular unlock on the left hand side. If you have an A90 Supra, select the middle option. If you have an M Car, select the right hand option and for Rolls Royce, select the bottom left.

Step 3: 

Select your options. For this example, we selected an unlock for an “M” BMW. 


You’ll see the following options. For newer BMWs, we select the second one down that says “for BootMod3 Custom ROM”. This will allow you to use BM3’s Custom Rom features, which include Map switching, flex fuel, etc, as long as it’s compatible with your car. If you have any questions on what is and isn’t compatible, email us at info@kiesmotorsports.com and our team can assist. To use Flexfuel, you WILL need a flex fuel sensor like these: BM3 CAN Flex Fuel or Dorch Engineering CAN Flex Fuel

Once you’ve made your selection, select “Add to Basket” at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 4: 

Once you add the items to your basket, you will be asked to fill out a brief form. Simply enter the VIN of the car and the remainder of the information will populate. Then, hit add to basket again.

Step 5: 

Once it’s been added to your cart, it will ask you if you want to provide a shipping label for the return shipping, or if you want to be billed for it. In our experience, it’s normally about 150 Euro from their side to ship it, so that’s normally what we do. After that you do NOT pay anything. Payment occurs later.

Step 6: Ship to FEMTO

At this point, you’re ready to ship to FEMTO. We like to line the DME with painter's tape and write our Order Number, Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, VIN Number, and what the service requested is on the DME. 

IF you see anything on the DME that says “BMW” or a brand name, like “Bosch,” we highly recommend covering that with painter's tape as well, to prevent any delays in customs.

After everything is labeled, CAREFULLY package everything up. We recommend wrapping the DME in bubble wrap and shipping in a box. Remember that in most cases, your DME is going half way around the world.

Once it’s ready to go, you need to ship to:

SL Global Oy Anastasia Emberg

Sompasaarenlaituri 16 LH, 00540 Helsinki, Finland

Phone: +358 50 4381672

When shipping, you need to make sure that you label it as a Temporary export and that the ECU is sent in for TESTING. You must also list the declared value as 40 EURO each or less, label the goods as “used engine control unit, for testing, and explicitly indicate that this is a temporary export and the unit will be returned. 

Additionally, tell your shipper NOT to use DDP (delivered duties paid).

Step 7:

Once they receive the DME, they are VERY quick to unlock them. Once your DME has been UNLOCKED and is ready to ship back to you, you’ll receive a notification in the “ORDERS” Tab at the top right of this page stating that you must pay for your service. 

From there, you’ll need to wire the funds (if you haven’t done a wire transfer before, it’s very easy to do. Simply go to your local bank and give them the info and they can initiate it for you.) to FEMTO and then the DME will be shipped back.

The wire details are found in the FAQ portion of the FEMTO Site 

Step 8:

If you do not already have a tuning license, pick up a license from us at: https://trucranemotorsports.com/collections/bm3protuning-freaks

At this time, you can reinstall your DME, being careful to fully install all the plugs and connections in the correct order.

Now that your DME is unlocked, make sure that you disable automatic updates in your iDrive!! If you do not do this, BMW can push out an automatic update and re-lock your DME, which means you have to send your DME back overseas to be unlocked, again. Disable automatic updates and you won't have to worry about that.