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Active Autowerkes

Active Autowerke Simon 2 Tool Software Tuning Programmer BMW

Active Autowerke Simon 2 Tool Software Tuning Programmer BMW

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Our very affordable and very versatile, Simon 2 - only available for sale with software or data logger.

This product comes free with the purchase of some applicable software.
The Active Autowerke performance software is sold separately from the SIMON 2 tool.

This tuning tool is what you have been waiting for

  • You, the end user with the help of the SIMON 2 tool will make the software upload to your BMW.
  • This is a just a tool and not the Active Autowerke performance software.u00a0
  • Simple, easy and efficient.
  • Read and writes to your BMW DME.
  • Remote tuning; email us the original file, we email you back a tuned file.
  • Can be used on Windows or Mac computers
  • Flashing tool that is not VIN specific.
  • Can be used on multiple BMW models.
  • Built-in scanner to check for error codes, clear and erase codes including DME adaption values.

Program has detailed instructions and is easy to use.

Click below to download the Simon2 program, absolutely free, and take a look around:

Requirements: internet access, PC or MAC laptop and a battery charger

Currently available for:

E53 X5 3.0i (2001-2006 with M54 engine MS43 DME)
E46 323i-328i (1999-200 with M52 TU engine MS42 DME)
E46 325i-330i (2001-2002 only with M54 engine MS43 DME)
E46 M3 (2001-2003 MSS54, 2004-2006 MSS54HP S54 engine)
E36/7 Z3 2.8 (1997 -mid 1998 M52 engine MS41, 1998 mid to 2000 M52 TU engine MS42)
E36/7 Z3 2.5-3.0 (2001-2002 M54 engine with MS43)
E36 323-328 (M52 engine MS41)
E36 M3 *and most non-M (S52 engine US only MS41 ECU)
E39 528i (1997-mid 1998 M52 engine MS41, mid 1998-2000 M52 TU engine with MS42 DME)
E39 525i-530i (2001-2003 M54 engine MS43 DME)
E39 M5 (2000-2003 S62 engine with MS52 DME)

A more expanded library of applications to come!

Please call our sales consultant for more information.800-830-3596

Our original Simon is still relevant for all other applications.

*If you are aquiring the Simon2 for an E36, please select the option "E36 | Includes Adapter" from the "Model" drop down menu to receive this neccessary adapter at no extra cost.

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BM3 Vehicle Compatibility and Unlock Status Check Procedure

Connect to your vehicle, (you need to get an OBD2 Ethernet cable and an MFI certified adapter cable if applicable or a WiFi adapter) start the OBD agent (you can get it here: or our APP) and before you’re about to log in on , click on the ‘check support' button on the right-hand side. If using our app, login, click on vehicle and you should have this information (if locked or unlocked) already displayed on that page.

Message written in bold letters under your software ID's will let you know if we have support for your engine type. It will also tell you if you need a bench unlock or not, and what type of an unlock is needed if you do need one.

If the message states that your DME requires a bench unlock before flash-tuning your vehicle, you will need to reach out to one of our authorized dealers and inquire about a bench unlock. The listing for all of our authorized dealers can be found in the link attached below.