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ARMASPEED Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake Toyota Yaris/Corolla GR

ARMASPEED Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake Toyota Yaris/Corolla GR

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ARMASPEED Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake Cover Toyota Yaris GR Corolla GR


After driving the new GR Yaris, we found that the emergence of power is not obvious while the vehicle was under 3000RPM, and it often falls into the low-torque speed range. So there is a variable valve design in the stock intake box which is very common in RCF. We can see the designers of Yaris made great efforts to balance the torque and horsepower.

The purpose of the modification is to have a bonus effect, not just to ignore the low speed and blindly pursue the high speed. We keep the original design which is justified, and we strengthen the part which does not satisfy drivers. The original variable valve mechanism remained used, and we designed it with the high-flow air filter. At the same time, the internal space of the airbox has increased by 40%. Compared with the open design, the closure airbox can avoid absorbing too much heat in the narrow engine room.

ARMASPEED’s design compares to others, they choose to install high flow air filters and remove the design of the airbox which will not only directly lose the low-speed torque, but also affect the transition of power.

Our design is no longer just to pursue one single purpose, but it is more comprehensive, foreseeing plans and thinking.

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    • Toyota Yaris GR G16E-GTS XP210
    • Toyota Corolla GR G16E-GTS GZEA14
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