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Dinan Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake Gloss BMW M2/M3/M4 S58 G80|G82|G83/G87

Dinan Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake Gloss BMW M2/M3/M4 S58 G80|G82|G83/G87

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With the most potent BMW inline-6 to date, the S58, the newest iteration of the M3 has set itself apart from its predecessors; given the option for AWD, a model first, the M3 breaks boundaries long maintained by the quintessential brand icon. Being the signature chassis Dinan modifies, development on the G8x needed to similarly raise the bar and distinguish itself from the pack; a difficult task but one we relished the opportunity to embark upon. After months of comprehensive design and validation, that journey has come to its conclusion for the first of those ambitious aspirations - the Dinan G8x Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake. Equal parts function, sound, and beauty, the intake not only looks and sounds the part of something special but performs the part as well. With a 12% increase in airflow to the engine without any negative effects on inlet temperatures or pressure, the Dinan G8x system delivers on all fronts. Drawing in more unimpeded air for consumption yields more efficient turbos (less work to make the same power) with the capacity for greater power potential on modified builds. Central to the design and our obsessive-compulsive need for a symmetrical engine bay is a singular plenum that replaces the separated driver and passenger intake ducting on the stock setup. The combination of the two tracks into one enlarged and distinctive shared pathway allows 50% more volume to be achieved in this tight space in addition to simplifying the installation and improving the overall look. The center plenum gives way to enlarged airboxes that house 11% larger cotton air filters delivering superb filtration while maximizing flow. Feeding the filters are the factory grill inlets as well as additional cutouts on the top of each airbox lid. The semi-open design was analyzed extensively to ensure that these additional inlets had no ill effect on temperatures or flow. However, the secondary airbox passages do allow an avenue for the induction soundtrack to escape the confines of its former plastic prison for everyone's benefit. Whether under hard acceleration, deceleration, or just spooling the amplified sounds are sure to make an impression. Beyond improvements to flow and sound, the appearance of the Dinan G8x M2/M3/M4 intake system is unrivaled. One need not do more than take a casual glance to know that care was taken with the system to blend in naturally with the factory engine bay while sufficiently augmenting it to a tier above. Playing off the hard angular edges that are present throughout, the Dinan intake system carefully takes these queues and carries them throughout for a true OEM+ look and feel. A 2x2 twill carbon fiber weave is used throughout and available in either gloss or matte - a first for Dinan, further setting the intake apart from those that came before.


  • Reduced intake restriction for Increased turbo efficiency with greater power potential on modified builds
  • More robust and aggressive induction soundtrack
  • Improved throttle response
  • More Flow: 12.4% increase over stock system (Stock: 815 CFM, Dinan: 916 CFM @ 28" H2O).
  • Larger volume air boxes (26% larger than stock) and tubes/plenum (50% larger than stock) allowing an increased volume of air to be utilized
  • 11% increase in filter area (stock: 65in², Dinan: 72in² per side) for optimum flow
  • Multiple finish options: Available in 2x2 Gloss or Matte Twill Carbon (Gloss Twill shown)
  • Bolt-on installation
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