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Eisenmann Performance Exhaust System 4x90mm Carbon BMW M2 F87 2015-2021

Eisenmann Performance Exhaust System 4x90mm Carbon BMW M2 F87 2015-2021

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The F87 M2 is an M car that returns to the roots of BMW M - a simple, no fuss sports car designed for pure driving enjoyment, that rewards spirited use, and does so with restraint and class. Eisenmann's exhaust system for the M2 had to deliver much of the same- a classic deep sound with no fuss or inline 6 rasp, even piping diameter and optimized gas flow, and an exciting yet refined appearance. Eisenmann developed and tested the M2 exhaust system over a 10 month period together with IND, carefully refining all attributes to ensure the best possible system for the M2.

Finally, after nearly a year in development, Eisenmann is proud to reveal the new M2 performance exhaust. The new system features a downpipe-back design, smooth and generously sized piping, and a sound that will capture the hearts of all M enthusiasts. The canister has been carefully shaped to be entirely concealed behind the M2's rear bumper, and the tips are positioned to perfectly fit under the car's rear valence. Eisenmann's broad array of tip styles and finishes includes a variety of stainless steel tips in raw, brushed, polished, and black finishes as well as a carbon fiber tip option. Valve control is standard with the new M2 system, and transforms the sound of the car as the valve is opened or closed using the original BMW computer control. Each exhaust system is constructed by hand from 304 grade stainless steel, at Eisenmann's Stuttgart facility.


Downpipe Back Design
304 Grade Stainless Steel
Designed to be concealed entirely behind the M2 Bumper
Multiple Tip Options
BMW M2 F87 2016-2021


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