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Eventuri Black Carbon Intake System BMW M2 | M3 | M4 G80 G82 G87 2021+

Eventuri Black Carbon Intake System BMW M2 | M3 | M4 G80 G82 G87 2021+

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Presenting an intake which truly sets a benchmark for the BMW G8X M3/M4 platform. We have carried out intensive R&D to develop an intake which not only improves on the stock M3/M4 but also is future proof in its capacity to cater for high powered builds well in excess of 1000hp. Our system is a complete redesign from the airboxes to the turbo inlets with the aim of reducing pressure loss while increasing the flow rate and keeping inlet temperatures low. We have maximized the usage of the available space to employ 2 custom made filters with a 40% larger filtration area than stock. These are used in our Patented Venturi housings to smoothly funnel the air to the turbo inlets. The inlets themselves are up to 160% larger in cross sectional area than stock and are designed with an advanced dimpled inner surface to reduce frictional losses between the flow and the wall boundary. By allowing a ?cushion? of air at the wall surface, airflow is able to move through the inlets at higher flow rates with reduced pressure loss. This allows the turbos to draw air with less resistance and therefore reduce the wastegate duty cycle resulting in higher overall performance.

The Eventuri G8X M3/M4 intake system consists of a number of components engineered to perform a specific purpose and fabricated to the highest of standards. We use 100% pre-preg carbon fiber with no fiberglass which means we can achieve a smooth internal surface to maintain smoother airflow.


Performance Gain: 13-18hp, 12-16ft-lb (Stock Tune)
Turbo Inlet Area Increased up to 160%
Filtration Area Increased up to 40%
Each intake system consists of:
2 x Carbon Fiber Patented Venturi Filter Housings
2 x Bespoke High Flow Dry Cone Filters
2 x Carbon Fiber Inlet Ducts
Carbon Fiber Intake Tube
2 Thermoplastic Turbo Inlets
Laser Cut Stainless Steel Brackets
Custom Flexible Hose
CNC Machined Bracket Mounts and Reinforcement Rings

BMW M2 2023
BMW M3 2021+
BMW M4 2021+


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