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Eventuri Black Carbon Intake System BMW M2 M235i M135i 335i 435i N55

Eventuri Black Carbon Intake System BMW M2 M235i M135i 335i 435i N55

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The Eventuri F87 M2, N55 intake system consists of a number of components engineered to perform a specific purpose and fabricated to the highest of standards. Here are the details for each component and the design ethos behind them:

      Each updated intake system consists of:

      • Prepreg Carbon Fibre Venturi Housing
      • High Flow Generation 2 Bespoke Cone Filter
      • Prepreg Carbon Sealing Duct
      • Prepreg Carbon Fibre Intake Tube with integrated MAF Sensor Mount
      • Prepeg carbon Fibre Air Scoop
      • Laser Cut Intake heat Shield
      • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Brackets
      • High quality Silicon couplers with BMW specification hose clamps

Carbon Intake Housing Assembly

      The filter housing comprises of a high flow filter, aluminium cowl, laser cut bracket and the carbon pod itself. The carbon pod shrouds the reverse mounted filter and smoothly shapes the airflow down to the intake tube. This smooth reduction in cross sectional area invokes the Venturi effect where the airflow accelerates whilst maintaining laminar conditions. It can be thought of as a large velocity stack - below is a diagram to show the comparison between our patent pending design and a regular intake system. Further details can be read in the Technology page.

Carbon Intake Duct With Shield

      The filter housing is positioned with its opening sealed against this new carbon duct. This carbon duct has been designed to fit over the stock cold air duct and direct ambient air from the scoop into the filter. It seals against the engine bay heat whilst still allowing some air entry from the cold side of the engine bay where the hood meets the wing. In addition, there is a heat shield attached to the side which blocks the hot air from the radiator and the alternator from directly impacting onto the carbon housing. This shield reduces direct heat soak onto the carbon housing and therefore contributes in keeping IAT down.

Carbon Fibre Intake Tube

      Our intake tube is crafted from 100% prepreg carbon fibre. Each tube has an integrated MAF sensor mount and breather adapter which are CNC machined from aluminium. The inlet tube has been designed to provide a smooth path for the airflow to negotiate from the filter to the stock turbo tube. In order to clear the fan shroud we smoothly transitioned the cross section from a circle to an oval and maintained constant area. This ensures the airflow remains laminar and allows the turbo to function with minimal drag.

Carbon Fibre Intake Scoop

      The scoop was designed for maximum efficiency in directing the incoming air to the stock duct openings. Many aftermarket scoops have a large flat area almost perpendicular to the oncoming air - not great for channeling it into the ducts as the airflow just "hits" this flat portion and creates turbulence.

    The Eventuri Scoops have been designed to sit directly behind the front grills to capture as much air as possible and with a continuous curve to the duct opening to ensure this airflow is efficiently channeled. Having an effective cold air feed to the filters is an essential part of our design. Simply having some heat shields in place is not an effective means of avoiding heated air from entering the filters unless the shields create an air tight envelope around the filters. The scoops and ducts in our system combine to provide the filter openings with ambient air and maintain low intake air temperatureThe following video explains the design features.

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