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Eventuri Black Carbon Intake System Toyota Supra A90 B58

Eventuri Black Carbon Intake System Toyota Supra A90 B58

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The Eventuri is a new type of intake design, which has been granted a patent. We use a cone filter - but here it is inverted and decoupled from the inlet tube. By removing the direct connection between the filter and the inlet tube, the filter is no longer dictating the shape of the airflow. This is now being done by the carbon housing, which is designed to smoothly guide the air into the inlet tube without a sudden change in geometry. This means that we keep laminar conditions throughout the intake, which is a lot more efficient. Furthermore, the funnel-shaped housing invokes the Venturi effect where the smooth reduction in cross-sectional area along the length of the housing causes the airflow to increase in velocity. Essentially the entire housing acts as a large velocity stack. On the road this translates to more power with a smoother delivery as well as sharper throttle response since the airflow is not inhibited by abrupt geometry changes andso is more likely to remain laminar.

The MK5 Supra Eventuri intake has been developed to provide the turbo with a less restrictive flow path whilst maintaining low inlet temperatures. Heat and Volume are the main considerations when designing an intake for turbocharged engines. In the Supra, the intake system is located next to the exhaust manifold which rapidly heat soaks the engine bay. High temperatures are detrimental for engine performance as the turbo would have to build boost with heated, less dense air and so the only way to ensure IAT's are kept to a minimum is for a fully sealed intake. This however, results in a restriction with only one stock air feed to draw air in from.

During development we noticed an additional opening into the wheel arch area and took advantage of this by adding a secondary feed to our airbox. Furthermore our sealed airbox also has a heat shield with gold reflective to minimise the radiative heat transfer from the exhaust manifold. In order to maximise volume we made the airbox as large as possible with a recess for potential strut braces. The stock convoluted intake tube is replaced with a smooth carbon tube which is also larger in internal volume with a starting internal diameter of 111mm (4.4") smoothly tapering down to match the turbo inlet. The tube provides a smooth path from the filter to the turbo inlet. Finally we use a custom made high-flow dry filter which is ISO tested for filtration performance and has a larger filtration area than the stock filter.


Patented Eventuri filter housing design
Bespoke filters
Carbon design
From scoop to duct to housing to inlet tubing - by utilizing organic shapes, Eventuri invests a great deal of time and effort in providing a smooth path for the airflow to follow. Hence ensuring maximum efficiency of the system.
Package Includes:
Carbon Fiber Airbox with Dual Feeds
Bespoke High Flow Dry Cone Filter
Carbon Fiber Inlet Tube with 111mm opening ID
CNC Machined Temperature Sensor Mount
CNC Machined Breather adapter
Heat Shield with Gold Reflective Backing
Laser Cut Stainless Steel Brackets
Silicon Coupler with OEM Specification Clamps
Toyota Supra A90 B58 3.0 2020-2023
This product only fits the B58 3.0 6-cylinder model.


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