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Evolution Racewerks

Evolution Racewerks Crossover Exhaust Pipe for BMW M2/M3/M4 G80/G82/G87 S58 Engine

Evolution Racewerks Crossover Exhaust Pipe for BMW M2/M3/M4 G80/G82/G87 S58 Engine

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Key Features:

  • Now available for the 2021+ BMW M3/M4 S58 Engines!
  • Higher Max Horsepower Power Curve
  • Higher Intial Torque Curve.  Torque curve hits faster and higher and longer.
  • Better throttle response and faster turbo spool up times
  • Mandrel Bent 3" piping.  Smooth transition to the exhaust system.
  • 100% Stainless Steel Construction
  • 100% TIG welded for better quality welds
  • Precision CNC machined turbocharger V-Band and flange
  • Mirror polish or brush finish
  • Available with high temperature black thermal coating to reduce underhood temperatures
  • Compatible with the factory or aftermarket exhaust systems
  • Track tested durability
  • Includes all hardware for complete installation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Restrictions in the exhaust system robs horsepower and torque especially on turbocharged cars. Thus, removing as much exhaust flow restrictions will increase horsepower and torque significantly.  The G Chassis M3/M4 utilize a Y style mid pipe.  However, both two downpipes are both on the right side of the engine.  The left side downpipe connects to the "crossover" pipe as it crosses over to the left side underneath the transmission to connect to the midpipes.  The right side downpipe connects directly to the mid pipe.  Since this crossover pipe goes under the transmission, BMW squished the round pipe into an oval to give clearance.  However, by going from a round tube to an oval, this causes turbulence inside the pipe which causes a restriction.  We found that there is plenty of clearance to keep the tubing round, and thus we built our replacment Crossover Pipe without needing to squish the tubing.  The factory crossover pipe ultilizes cast components so it is quite heavy.  Our replacement Crossover Pipe is lighter and thus some weight savings can be had.

Our Competition Series Catless Downpipes is constructed out of 100% 304 grade stainless steel and utilize mandrel bent piping. They are 100% TIG welded by our in house fabricators and built in the USA. 100% bolt on.

Our Crossover Pipe is designed to fit perfectly with either the factory or your aftermarket mid pipes.  There are no compatibility issues whatsover. The Crossover Pipe will come by default with brushed finish.


Ceramic Thermal Coating - The purpose of ceramic coating downpipes is to keep heat from the exhaust gases inside the downpipe from radiating out. This keeps underhood temperatures lower and less heat absortion by nearby parts/surfaces.  Another added benefit is that by keeping in heat (energy) in the exhaust gases inside the downpipe, exhaust flow velocities stay up, resulting in lower backpressure. The ceramic coating also adds additonal corrosion resistance. We utilize the best ceramic coating possible. Our thermal coating can resist up to 2000F of heat. It is available in black only (all the other colors cannot withstand the high levels of heat).


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