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FTP Air Filter BMW B48/B58 G20/G29/Supra 240i/340i/440i

FTP Air Filter BMW B48/B58 G20/G29/Supra 240i/340i/440i

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FTP air filters are made with a durable rubber, with optimum adhesion characteristics to ensure fitment to all shapes of boxes.
These air filters are also created without welded joints.
creating a one piece air filter, increasing durability.

Replace your OE air filter with high flow Air Filter for Supra B48/B58 engine


    Better Gas Mileage

    Reduced emissions

    Inexpensive and quick upgrade

    Extends engine life

    Increased power

    Increased Airflow



    Reusable, and can be cleaned
    Larger filtering surface
    Higher rate of air permeability
    Better Pressure Drop Ratio

3 series B48/B58
4 series B48/B58
2 series coupe B48/B58
G29 Z4 B48/B58

BMW OEM part number:


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