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HANS Model 20 HANS III QC Sliding No Anchor Kit SFI

HANS Model 20 HANS III QC Sliding No Anchor Kit SFI

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Racing of any form is extremely dangerous. Vehicles must be equipped with the most advanced safety equipment to try and reduce the chance of injury or death during an accident as much as possible. Helmets protect your head, fire retardant suits protect your skin, and harnesses restrain your body, but neck restraint is often overlooked by racers.

The HANS device (Head and Neck Support) was developed to prevent neck injuries and skull fractures by restraining your head from snapping forward in the event of an accident. The HANS device is a semi-hard collar made of carbon fiber and Kevlar. It is held onto the upper body by a harness worn by the driver. Two flexible tethers on the collar are attached to the helmet to prevent the head from snapping forward or to the side during a wreck.

The Hans device dissipates the force of the crash from your neck and distributes it to your shoulders and chest, reducing impact. The Hans Device has proven so effective it has been mandated by virtually all professional racing sanctioning bodies including NASCAR, NHRA, Formula 1, CART, the FIA, and even Monster Trucks.


Model 20 HANS III QC Sliding No Anchor Kit SFI
Hand made with high modulus carbon fiber
Ultimate lightweight protection
Weighs about 1 pound depending on size
Professional Series branding on rear of device
This Device is angled 10 degrees
Anchors are not included
Pictures used for marketing purposes only, actual product may vary.
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