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Infinity Design Carbon Intake System BMW M3 | M4 G80 G82 2021+

Infinity Design Carbon Intake System BMW M3 | M4 G80 G82 2021+

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BMW S58 Carbon Intake System
G80 G82 M3 M4

High Flow Pre Preg Carbon Fiber High Flow Intake System


For this application we have opted for both banks having large cross sectional turbo inlets with an increase in volume of almost 70%.  The expanding large volume inlet tube acts like a large velocity stack which accelerates the airflow and is much larger than the small and short velocity stack fitted to the internals of the oem intake.  The result of the smoother airflow from our inlet tube is a far smoother lower rpm torque availability from the engine vastly improving drivability.  Throttle response is immediately felt to be smoother and more eager.
The inlet tubes are attached via a stainless steel v-band clamps to the air filter housings which attaches directly to the oem front air feeds.

Air Filtration

Within the beautifully shaped carbon shaped enclosures sits our bespoke short stack high surface area filter larger than any cone filter design currently on offer on the market with a huge opening of 170mm (6 3/4") and is designed to take full advantage of the intake tubes by altering the direction of the airflow towards the outer walls.  By placing the air filters in front of the inlet tube we achieve the largest velocity stack ever seen for the S55 and which also has the best laminar flow.  It is important to note that we have painstakingly opted for the largest possible air filter for a various number of reasons.  Not only does a larger air filter allow for more air flow and therefore power but it also does not block up for longer and continues to be efficient at it's main purpose which is to filter the air of harmful elements.

The air filters are completely encapsulated within the air filter housing rejecting the all of the engine bay hot air and with the angle of the front inlet the air circulates around the air filter giving an even distribution of outside cool air.


    • Pre-preg 7-piece autoclave carbon fiber construction

    • Semi Sealed design for optimal air temperature efficiency 

    • Available in Gloss or Matt clear coated finish

    • Improved power, throttle response and induction noise

    • Plug & Play fitment 



    • 2 x Venturi Inlet Tubes

    • 2 x Turbo Inlets

    • Air Intake Tube

    • 2x Air Filter Housing / Inlet Duct

    • 2x Bespoke Infinity Design Air Filter

    • 2x black metal clamp 

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