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Infinity Design

Infinity Design Carbon Intake System BMW M5 M6 F10 F13 S63

Infinity Design Carbon Intake System BMW M5 M6 F10 F13 S63

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BMW S63 Carbon Intake System

High Flow Pre Preg Carbon Fiber High Flow Intake System


  • Pre-Preg Carbon 4-piece system comprising of inlet tubes and filter housings
  • Single piece inlet tube with integrated MAF sensor eliminating flexi hose
  • Lower Air Filter Housings with integrated air feed fitting directly to oem air feed
  • Bespoke large surface area Air Filters
  • Dual inlet semi sealed Design
  • Silicone Hoses and Clamps
  • + 15-25hp
  • OEM levels of inlet air temperature

The OEM Design

The factory intake system of the F10 M5 system is not a sealed design.  The front opening attaches directly the front inlets which are in turn attached to the front air ducts located behind the grills and there is a second opening which opens into the engine bay against the wheel arch liner with it's own velocity stack protruding into the factory airbox.  This clearly suggests that one opening is not enough and the engineers had to create a separate opening to meet the high airflow demands of the engine which is understandable since the front intake has barely the same cross sectional area as the MAF.  The design is still however efficient as far as keeping the intake air temperatures low.  As far as being an ultimate performance intake, it is most certainly not with it's angular design, small volume and having an airflow with a directional path which is not direct.

Infinity Design

For this application we have opted for a smooth non concentric one-piece expanding inlet tube with integrated MAF attaching directly to the inlet tubes with silicone couplers.  The expanding large volume inlet tube acts like a large velocity stack which accelerates the airflow and is much larger than the small and short velocity stack fitted to the internals of the oem intake.  The result of the smoother airflow from our inlet tube is a far smoother lower rpm torque availability from the engine vastly improving drivability.  Throttle response is immediately felt to be smoother and more eager.
The inlet tube is attached via a stainless steel v band clamp to the air filte
r housing which attaches directly to the oem front air feed and has a 100mm opening facing towards the front corners of the engine bay rather than facing downwards towards the wheel arch liner away from engine heat.


Air Filtration

Within this beautifully shaped carbon shaped enclosure sits our bespoke short stack high surface area filter larger than any cone filter design currently on offer on the market with a huge opening of 170mm (6 3/4") and is designed to take full advantage of the intake tube by altering the direction of the airflow towards the outer walls.  By placing the air filter in front of the inlet tube we achieve the largest velocity stack ever seen for the F10 M5 and which also has the best laminar flow.  It is important to note that we have painstakingly opted for the largest possible air filter for a various number of reasons.  Not only does a larger air filter allow for more air flow and therefore power but it also does not block up for longer and continues to be efficient at it's main purpose which is to filter the air of harmful elements.

Air Intake Temperatures | Heat Soak

The air filter is almost completely encapsulated within the air filter housing rejecting the vast majority of the engine bay hot air and with the angle of the front inlet the air circulates around the air filter giving an even distribution of outside cool air.

Finally, the system is fitted with our front air feed extensions which are very different to the usual open style scoops.  This ensures the air is fully forced into the front air duct and not wasted by escaping where openings would exist and cause turbulence.     

The result is a system which matches the factory intake system for inlet temperatures but has air forced into it from the front displacing any hot air that could accumulate inside of the air filter housing.  In addition the system changes the air flow characteristics for a smoother delivery and allows more air to enter the turbos more easily.

At just 30mph and above, inlet temperatures are equal to ambient under normal cruising conditions.
Under full load in 2nd and 3rd gear to 70mph intake temperatures rise only by 6 degC / 10degF in hot conditions (30degC / 86DegF C Ambient) and then level off to ambient temperatures there after.
Above 70mph even under hard acceleration inlet temperatures remain at ambient which ensures maximum performance without the ECU compensating by reducing ignition timing, altering boost and adjusting fueling as in hot air open intake systems.

This fully developed and intelligently designed intake system is not just something that looks good in the engine bay but does an impeccible job as an air smoothing device, increasing air available, i
ncreasing air speed into the turbo's, allowing the turbo's to spool faster, filters for longer more efficiently, keeps intake air temperatures low and making a sophisticated bellowing V8 intake noise under load.  Most important of all, it is the way the engine becomes more alive, responsive and enjoyable to use not just under full load but also normal every day driving.


Dyno Testing

Dyno tests were performed under strict controlled conditions on a Dyno Dynamics machine in order to show a true and realistic result.

The first set of results show the best recorded stock run vs the best recorded run with the Infinity intake system and front air feeds.
15-25hp is gained through the rpm range with excellent gains below 3000rpm which can be attributed to the smooth elongated design of the intake tube which accelerates and smooths out the airflow.  This gain is very much apparent under real world driving conditions under both partial and full load with a much smoother power delivery.

The next area where the expected majority of the improvements are seen are from 4750rpm to 7200rpm.  The intake being free flowing and having a reducing cross sectional area improves airflow and therefore power where the oem intake becomes restrictive.
This is also translated under real world conditions with a harder surge to the red line.

Below is a further set of results showing the other dyno runs with the stock intake and Infinity intake.The F10 M5 is very sensitive on the dyno and can produce results which vary.  Due to the S63TU engine being turbocharged, the charge temperatures can rise dramatically between runs.  The engine management system will apply it's compensation tables for increased charge, coolant and oil temperatures.  Companies, their dealers and sponsors take advantage of this and show the lowest stock runs vs the highest runs with a modification fitted in order to exaggerate the gains for marketing  and sales purposes.We are very much against showing these unrealistic gains as this is highly misleading.Below shows the results of multiple runs of the stock setup vs Infinity intakes fitted.  If the lowest stock runs were used in our official results then a gain of approximately 35-40 hp could be shown which is not realistic of any intake system


  • 2 x Venturi Inlet tubes with MAF Sensors
  • 2 x Air Filter Housing / Inlet Duct
  • 2 x Bespoke Infinity Design Air Filter
  • 2 x black metal clamps
  • 2 x Silicone Hoses with Clamps


  • No tuning required. 
  • Compatible with OE Mass Air Flow sensors (MAF). 
  • Plan 30 minutes for installation. 
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