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IRL Electronic Exhaust Valve Controller

IRL Electronic Exhaust Valve Controller

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The IRL LLC Exhaust Flap Control Module for the G8X,F8X,F9X,G0X,E9X series is a must have if you really want to optimize your sound .

With the Controller installed you can manually open and close the standard built-in exhaust flap  at any time at the push of a button.

The Installation of Exhaust Flap Control Module is easy and can be carried out with little skill. Disconnect  and remove your OEM exhaust valve motors and replace them with the motors provided in the kit. Make sure all the connection to the motors and valve control module are tight. The complete installation takes place in the trunk and under body.

Conteol Module is placed in the trunk unlike other controllers that advertise being waterproof and shorty fail.


No cutting or splicing any OEM wires. 

* Bonus *
Remote can be programmed to be used on the home link.


  • 2x Motors
  • All wiring 
  • 1x Remote
  • 1x Remote Reciver
  • 1x Standard fuse tap with fuse 
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