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iSWEEP Brake Pads Rear BMW G42 M240 G20 M340i G22 M440i

iSWEEP Brake Pads Rear BMW G42 M240 G20 M340i G22 M440i

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iSWEEP by Ishikawa Engineering Brake Pads for the Supra GR. iSWEEP is a renowned name in the VW, Audi, Mini, BMW & Porsche performance brake pad world. 

iSWEEP'S theoretical concept was to develop performance brake pads that comply to a wide array of driving situations and enthusiast needs for European/Japanese automobiles. Satisfying the customer’s vision of their ideal braking system is not possible without understanding the use and purpose of the vehicle. In this world, a perfect brake pad that produces no dust and no noise that complies to racing / sport driving simply does not exist. iSWEEP has discovered that developing pads that are decently balanced in their properties suits the user’s highest demands the best.

For the most ideal brake pads, iSWEEP is the answer.


  • BMW M240 G42
  • BMW M340 G20/G21
  • BMW M440 G22/G23/G26

***NOTE - WILL NOT FIT M240I OR M340I WITH MPBK (M performance Big Brake Kit)***


  • Compound 2500 or higher will generate noise when the brake is applied within city driving conditions.
  • Pad set does not include a wear sensor
  • Some race compounds do not have slots for wear sensors.


A brake pad that produces less dust compared to factory OEM.

  • Users who are unsatisfied with OEM brake dust.
  • Far less brake dust compared to stock factory OEM brake pads.
  • Far less brake squeal compared to stock factory pads.
  • Roughly 10-20% more effective under normal city driving conditions.
  • Improved initial bite and braking control compared to factory OEM pads.
  • Tested in extreme winter conditions with effective stable results.

Raises the level of performance compared to factory OEM. 

  • Far more effective performance compared to stock OEM brake pads.
  • Versatile brake pad for aggressive street and winding roads.
  • Quick reaction to brake pedal input and excellent control of applied force.
  • Controlled linear characteristics and stable operation with no sudden or abrupt bite.

Intended strictly for severe short and full racing courses.

  • Short circuit and full circuit use.
  • For racing using “S” tires.
  • Consistent and stable character during extended racing periods.
  • Proven stable performance at extremely high temperatures.



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