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SST Exhaust Valve Controller BMW 7 & 8 series G11/G12/G14/G15/G70

SST Exhaust Valve Controller BMW 7 & 8 series G11/G12/G14/G15/G70

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With this plug & play control unit you have the ability to open or close the exhaust flaps as required. The control unit works smoothly with the series system and lets you enjoy completely new sound experiences. Of course, the effect is even stronger in combination with a sports exhaust system.
Origin: Made in Germany
Installation location: either in the trunk of your car or behind the bumper (controller is waterproof)
number of controlled flaps: 1
compact metrics: 65x50x35 mm

Install Instructions

Suitable for the following engines:

  • BMW 730i (Type G11/G12) 190 kW / 255 hp (YOC: 2016 – 2019)
  • BMW 730i (Type G11/G12) 183 kW / 245 hp (YOC: 2019–2022)
  • BMW 740i(x) (Type G11/G12) 240 kW / 322 hp (YOC: 2015 – 2019)
  • BMW 740i(x) (Type G11/G12) 245 kW / 328 hp (YOC: 2019–2022)
  • BMW 740i(x) (Type G11/G12) 250 kW / 335 hp (YOC: 2019–2022)
  • BMW 745e (Type G11/G12) 290 kW / 388 hp (YOC: 2019–2022)
  • BMW 735i (Type G70) 200 kW / 268 hp (YOC: from 2022)
  • BMW 735i (Type G70) 210 kW / 282 hp (YOC: from 2022)
  • BMW 740i(x) (Type G70) 280 kW / 375 hp (YOC: from 2022)
  • BMW 750ex (Type G70) 360 kW / 482 hp (YOC: from 2022)
  • BMW M760ex (Type G70) 420 kW / 563 hp (YOC: from 2022)
  • BMW 840i(x) (Type G14/G15/G16) 250kW / 335 hp (YOC: 2019 – 2020)
  • BMW 840i(x) (Type G14/G15/G16) 245kW / 328 hp (YOC: from 2020)

Easy installation:

The control unit arrives pre-assembled and pre-programmed including illustrated installation and operating instructions. Thus, the assembly is done easily and quickly in a short time. Per request the installation can also be carried out at our site.

Guaranteed compatibility:

The control unit integrates seamlessly into the vehicle electronics, is 100% compatible with the specified vehicle types and does not cause any errors in the vehicle electronics. Nothing has to be changed on the vehicle for installation. The device can be removed at any time without leaving any residue and is therefore also ideal for leasing vehicles. The device does not consume any quiescent current when switched off and thus does not affect the on-board electronics.

  • You choose the appropriate mode yourself:
  • Sport mode: Flap(s) permanently open with sporty and robust sound regardless of driving situation and vehicle settings
  • Comfort mode: Flap(s) permanently closed with discreetly restrained sound regardless of driving situation and vehicle settings
  • Serial mode: Control of the flap(s) as before in the series configuration, e.g. for service, etc.
  • Freestyle mode: Flap(s) 50% open for individual sound and volume configuration

Additional features:

You later decide for yourself whether the control unit remembers the last set mode, which is then automatically reactivated the next time the engine is started or whether, for example, a certain mode should always be activated when starting the engine, regardless of the last setting. In addition, the control unit has a special function with which the mechanical stops of the exhaust flaps are retrained. This is necessary, for example when replacing an exhaust flap or when an exhaust flap is to be installed in another exhaust system so that it then functions correctly.

DELUXE-control with the following advantage:

The control system includes flap diagnostics. This means that our control system monitors the exhaust flap(s) permanently and detects if there is a malfunction (e.g. flap is jammed, sluggish, does not reach end position,) and reports this to the vehicle.

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