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TCM Silicone Front Mount Intakes BMW B58 G Chassis

TCM Silicone Front Mount Intakes BMW B58 G Chassis

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TCM Silicone Front Mount Intakes for BMW B58 Vehicles G42 G20 G22 G30 G23 G15 G11


TCM is proud to introduce the TCM Silicone Front Mount Air Intake. These intakes feature a 4 layer reinforced ply silicone with oil resistant lining. Along with aluminum hose connections and aluminum MAF sensor mounts. These intakes offer superior airflow over the stock system and majority of other intakes on the market. Our intakes improve airflow, increase horsepower, and add style to your engine bay.

  • 3.5” inner diameter tubing allowing for increased airflow through.
  • Increased horsepower, decreased turbo spool time, improved acceleration and increase in throttle response.
  • 4 layer ply(1/4" Thick) silicone adds rigidity to the intake pipe’s overall structure. Keeping it from deforming and keeping it shapes, even on large turbo applications.
  • CNC aluminum MAF housing bonded to the silicone structure allowing for a perfect sensor fitment.
  • Direct replacement.
  • Includes all required hardware.
  • No Removal of VBrace or Bumper Needed.
  • Lifetime Warranty against defects
  • Fitment Guarantee 


Fits RWD or AWD
2022 - G42 M240
2019 - G20/G21 M 340
2021 - G22/G23 M440
2017 - G30/G31 540
2017 - G32 640
2016 - G11/G12 740 unconfirmed
2018 - G15 840
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