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TCM Wheel Spacers w/10 Bolts - G Chassis BMW

TCM Wheel Spacers w/10 Bolts - G Chassis BMW

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TCM Wheel Spacers for BMW G Chassis Vehicles

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TCM BMW wheel spacers are an excellent, cost-effective way to enhance the look of your BMW. Wheel spacers will push your wheels outward towards the fender to give your car a more flush appearance and aggressive look. Spacers are also great for filling in the wheel well gap, creating clearance for aftermarket suspension, big brakes. TCM spacers are specifically designed and manufactured  for your BMW ensuring a perfect vibration free fit. 


  • Includes 10 new Wheel Bolts of increased length to match spacer
  • Sold as a pair / per axle 
  • CNC machined from high-grade aluminum alloy.
  • Anodized black for protection.
  • Hub Centric fit so no increased vibrations or road noise.
  • Cutouts on back for easy removal.


  • Center Bore: 66.6 mm
  • Bolt Thread Size: M14 x 1.25
  • Bolt pattern: 5x112 wheel spacers 


BMW Applications

Works on RWD and AWD

2 Series (G42)
M2 (G87)
3 Series (G20,G21)
M3 (G80,G81)
4 Series (G22,G23)
M4 (G82, G83)
5 Series (G30)
M5 (F90)
6 Series (G32,G33)
7 Series (G11,G12)
8 Series (G14,G15,G16)
M8 (F91.F92,F93)
X3 (G01)
X3M (F97)
X4 (G02)
X4M (F98)
X5 (G05)
X5M (F95)
X6 (G06)
X6M (F96)
X7 (G07)
Z4 (G29)

Toyota Applications:

Supra A90/A91


M3/M4 Stock Height recommendations:

if lowered, I’d recommend the mild setup  to help prevent against possible rubbing  

Michelin Tire  equipped:


Mild- 12F/12R

Pirelli Tire equipped:

Aggressive 10F/12R

Mild -10F/10R


What width wheel spacer should I get? Spacer sizes are a matter of personal taste so only you will know what size you will like. Use a ruler to measure out from the top of the wheel/rim arch and see exactly where you want the wheel/rim to stick out to and order the appropriate size. What you see on the ruler, 10mm, 12mm out, etc. will be exactly where the rim/tire will sit with the spacer size you choose.
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