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Tensility Motorsports (TMS)

Tensility Motorsports (TMS) E85 FlexFuel Kit Toyota Supra Mk5

Tensility Motorsports (TMS) E85 FlexFuel Kit Toyota Supra Mk5

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With Analyzer or Without

The TMS Flex Fuel Kit allows for any combination of E85 and pump gas without worrying about switching maps to match the E85 content in the tank. E85 is often substituted as a cheap and easy alternative to race fuel due to its high-octane level.


Kit, Toyota Supra Mk 4 flex-fuel with filter, ethanol content analyzer, sensor, and TMS Ethanol Sensor Cable.


  • Plug and play

  • No splicing or tapping any wires

  • Return car to stock if desired

  • Each kit is designed to replace an OEM fuel line with the TMS custom designed Fuel Line Assembly and Filter, utilizing the ethanol content analyzer and ethanol sensor

Included in kit:

  • CAN + power splitter harness

    • This harness connects to the body domain controller in the passenger footwell behind the kick-plate.  CAN-bus, power, and ground are connected to the ethanol content analyzer.

  • Fuel line assembly and filter

    • Stainless steel and nylon braided fuel lines are designed to fit specifically in the engine bay of each car chassis.  All fuel lines use -6AN fittings and a 10 micron stainless steel filter to protect the OEM fuel injectors.

  • Available with or without ethanol content analyzer, ethanol sensor 0-5V GM, and TMS Ethanol Sensor Cable

Compatible Car Models:

  • 2020-present Toyota Supra™ A9X

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