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Valvetronic Designs Full Exhaust / Catback BMW M2 G87 S58

Valvetronic Designs Full Exhaust / Catback BMW M2 G87 S58

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The littlest M car gets a big sound improvement! Welcome everyone to the G87 M2 valved sport exhaust. From the factory, these cars are extremely muted but with this new exhaust system, the sound experience is transformed, signing all the way through the RPMS. The sound is very enjoyable and we think, very fitting of this extremely potent powertrain. From our learning in the G80 M3 platform, our Equal Length midpipe helps increase volume and drastically improve sound characteristics as it runs the exhaust unrestricted 3.5 inches back to our valved Rear Section. The setup may look very similar to our G80 M3 exhaust configuration, but it is indeed quite different. The shorter wheelbase means complete changed fitment characteristics. Despite this hurdle, we were able to provide exceptional sound to this great new platform!

It's time to take your sound experience to the next level on your G87. At Valvetronic Designs, we do not compromise. Neither should you.


  • 2023 - Present BMW G87 M2

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