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Verus Engineering Front Splitter Endplates High Downforce Toyota Supra MK5

Verus Engineering Front Splitter Endplates High Downforce Toyota Supra MK5

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The Verus Engineering Front Splitter Endplates are designed to increase front end downforce even further on the high downforce front splitter kit. In conjunction with the high downforce front splitter, we developed these endplates to improve downforce production even further without a large increase in drag. The vents are specifically designed to reduce drag while keeping downforce where it needs to be.

Utilizing state-of-the-art analysis software during the R&D process, we were able to extract more performance for the given build volume and ensure the units improved vehicle performance.

The endplates are printed in carbon nylon, which offers a great surface finish and excellent strength to weight.

These endplates are perfect for the owner that is looking for a more aggressive front end appearance and improved front end downforce.



The Verus Engineering Endplates were designed to increase front-end downforce for those that need additional grip at high rates of speed.  They do this by increasing the pressure delta between the top surface of the splitter and the bottom surface of the splitter

Our endplates are part of our Ventus 3+ aerodynamic package which produces a significant amount more downforce than the factory.  Our goal with the Ventus 3+ kit was to dramatically improve the aerodynamic performance of the Toyota Supra, in a balanced and safe way.  All the components were designed to work together as a package.


  •  CFD Optimized Design

  • 3D Printed Carbon Nylon Construction
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Stainless Hardware Used Throughout 


        • Increase Downforce

        • Improved Overall Aerodynamic Efficiency
        • Reduce Lap Times
        • Designed for Verus Engineering Front Splitter

                What's Included:

                • Carbon Nylon 3D Printed, Right-Hand Side Endplate
                • Carbon Nylon 3D Printed, Left-Hand Side Endplate
                • Hardware Kit, Includes All Pieces Necessary for a Seamless Install
                • Install Guide
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