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ARM Motorsports

ARM Motorsports Mid Pipe BMW 550/650/750 N63 F10/F12/F07

ARM Motorsports Mid Pipe BMW 550/650/750 N63 F10/F12/F07

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• Replaces Both Front and Rear Midpipes
• Deletes Middle Resonators and Center Muffler
• Full 3" Design
 Utilizes OEM Exhaust Valves


The ARM N63 Midpipes will unleash the sound of your 4.4L Twin-Turbo BMW by upgrading both sections of the the OEM N63 midpipes with a straight-piped, free flowing exhaust solution.  The ARM N63 Midpipes replace the OEM N63 midpipes which have two resonators and a middle muffler and hide the incredible sounds of the N63 engine. Below are sound clips of the ARM N63 Midpipes paired with the ARM N63 Downpipes, an exhaust setup that will transform the sound of your N63-powered BMW!  



 If you already have ARM N63 Downpipes and are looking to increase the sound of your BMW even more, the ARM N63 Midpipes are the perfect solution.  It will give good bump in volume and tone over the ARM N63 Downpipes alone.   
If you want to retain the OEM downpipes, but desire more enthusiasm in your exhaust note, the ARM N63 Midpipes will liven up your exhaust sound without the need to replace your downpipes.  In either setup, by keeping the OEM N63 axle back sections means you don't have to worry about deleting the OEM valve control. 

As shown in the diagram above, the ARM N63 Midpipes will replace the middle section of the exhaust, between the downpipes and the axle back section.  By retaining the OEM axle back section the original function of the OEM exhaust valves are still retained.  Giving you the option to drive around in "Comfort" mode with the valves closed, or switch to "Sport" or "Sport +" to unleash all the sounds of your N63!  


The ARM N63 Midpipes are a full 3" system which connects to the OEM axle back section to retain the OEM valve controls and exhaust tips.  The ARM N63 Midpipes are compatible with either the OEM N63 slip-fit downpipes or the ARM N63 Downpipes.  If you have an original 2-Bolt style (Pre-2012) downpipes, you can convert to the slip-fit style connection by ordering the ARM N63 Downpipes and N63 Midpipes. 

The ARM N63 Midpipes come in two main sections, the front section and the rear section.  The front section connects to the downpipes which utilize the slip-fit style connection.  To secure the front section even further, it is also held in place by two brackets which mount to the original N63 midpipes mounting points.  

The rear section of the ARM N63 Midpipes connect to the front section using a slip-fit connection.  The rear section also utilizes the OEM exhaust hangers to fortify their position even further.  The rear section then connects to the OEM axle back section of the exhaust using slip-fit connections which allow you to retain the OEM rear mufflers and valves.   


• 2x ARM N63 Front Sections
• 2x ARM N63 Rear Sections
• 2x Bracket Clamps
• 2x Sleeve Clamps
• 4x Exhaust Clamps



The ARM N63 Midpipes are compatible with the cars on the list below that have a slip-fit style OEM downpipe only.  However, if you have 2-Bolt style downpipes on your N63, you can add the ARM N63 Downpipes to your order as well to convert to the slip-fit style downpipes to run the ARM N63 Midpipes.  If you're unsure which downpipe style your vehicle has please see below for a photo of the slip-fit connections.

Make Chassis Model Engine
BMW F10 550i
N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F10 550i xDrive N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F07 550i GT
N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F07 550i GT xDrive
N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F01 750i
N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F01 750i xDrive
N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F06 650i
N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F06 650i xDrive
N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F12 650i N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F12 650iX N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F13 650i N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F13 650iX N63/TU 4.4L


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