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Bosch 0261520520/13518631642 MINI/BMW/Supra B46D/B58 HPFP

Bosch 0261520520/13518631642 MINI/BMW/Supra B46D/B58 HPFP

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Genuine Bosch HDP6 B46D/B58 TU HPFP.

This is the perfect replacement or upgrade to your B46/B48/B58 engine to keep it running at it’s peak performance.

GEN1 B58 owners will see the biggest benefit with this upgrade with capability of  525-600whp on pump gas and 450whp-525whp on E30.

B46/B48 owners up to 2019 will also benefit with the HPFP upgrade. Please note some BMW/MINI B46/B48 owners in 2019 will have the upgraded pump already so please check your vehicle before purchasing.

Compatible with most BMW/Mini/Toyota Supra B48/B58 variants.

OE: 13518631642
Bosch: 0261520520


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