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Canton Racing 2Qt Accusump Complete Kit Toyota FRS/86/GR86 Subaru BRZ 2013-Present

Canton Racing 2Qt Accusump Complete Kit Toyota FRS/86/GR86 Subaru BRZ 2013-Present

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Stop your car from losing oil pressure on the track.

Take the guess work out of what you need and buy the complete kit, with everything you need to install an Accusump.

This kit is for a Direct Plumbing to the existing oil port on the top of your FA20/FA24 engine.

All Kits includes:

Name Quantity
Canton Racing Products Accusump 2Qt No Valve. part number 24-026 1
Canton Racing Products -10 An Stainless Braided Hose 6 foot
Canton Racing Products -10 An Straight Hose End 2
Canton Racing Products Adpt. Fitt. 1/2Inch Npt To -10 An Aluminum 1
Blox Racing M18x1.5 10AN Fuel Inlet Fitting 1



Activation Style:

Activation options provides an automatic/electronic engagement or manual. The process would be; you to start the car and get it up to temp. Then when out on the track, you'd release the valve(manual activation) or turn the system on with electronic activation. You then would leave it activated throughout the session. At the end of your session on your cool down lap, you'd close the valve.

Manual Actuator Cable Kit 6 Foot. 

The manual actuator with cable allows you to manually engage the system from inside the cabin, with your Accusump located in your engine bay. This does require routing a cable through the firewall and mounting a bracket for the cable inside the cabin.

 Manual Ball Valve. 

This is a manual actuator that sits on the Accusump. This setup is ideal if you have your Accusump in reach of you while in the drivers seat.


Electric Pressure Control Valve 20-25 PSI. 

Electric Pressure Control Valve 35-40 PSI. 

Electric Pressure Control Valve 35-40 PSI. 

The electronic kits, provide automatic discharge and refill at preset oil pressures. The first value is the discharge pressure and the second is the recharge pressure. Having it discharge at a lower pressure means it will discharge less. Whereas a higher pressure will discharge more often.




Mounting Clamps Billet Aluminum For 2/3 Qt Accusump 

Accusump Mounting Clamps 2/3 Qt 


If you'd like a larger Accusump or other parts please reach out to us. on our Contact Page

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