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CounterSpace Garage (CSG)

CounterSpace Garage (CSG) Brake Pads Front Toyota/Subaru FRS/GR86/BRZ 2013-2022+

CounterSpace Garage (CSG) Brake Pads Front Toyota/Subaru FRS/GR86/BRZ 2013-2022+

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Front Pads

For Non Performance Pack Models

CSG Spec 

friction materials supplied for sprint races are developed to provide excellent overall braking performance (initial response or "bite") while maintaining pedal stroke stability, smooth brake release and fade resistance lap after lap.

Since sprint race distances are generally on the shorter side (1-4 hour races), the main emphasis is fade resistance with reasonable pad and disc wear rates.

Key development points also include ensuring that these friction materials are compatible with a wide range of tires (sport tires to racing slicks) and ABS or Traction Control ("TC") systems found on OE and motorsport applications.

A complete range of medium to higher friction materials ensures that the exact compounds can be selected depending on the specific customer, tire ranges, driver skill and platform balance needs.


CSG Spec Endurance

friction materials are developed to meet the wear resistance needs of customers that participate in longer race distances (10-25 hour races) or would like to get maximum life out of their brake pads.

These specific friction materials have low wear rates so that race teams do not have to perform unnecessary pad changes (which can cost them a race win). The result is also a better long term value due to lesser operating costs and number of pad sets purchased to finish a race or season.

Endurance type friction materials generally operate in a wider temperature range and are kinder to the brake system as well.

Raw materials are chosen specifically to offer lower compressibility, generate less heat into the brake system (calipers, seals, brake fluid), and offer maximum disc life. This is beneficial especially on OE brake systems where the pad thicknesses are generally very low (13-18 mm pads) and the brake discs do not have thermal capacity.

Depending on the application and intended use, CSG Spec Endurance materials are commonly used for sprint races as well due to their versatile nature and higher stopping power (compared to competitor brands) which gives drivers maximum braking confidence.


The CP brake compound by CSG Spec is a premium performance solution for everyday road cars that can also withstand the requirements of track days and autocross with low levels of dust, noise and wear.

The CP material is very different from our line of pure motorsport sprint and endurance brake pads. It aims to being a capable track performer all while being easy to drive on the street and maintaining reasonably low levels of dusting, NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness).

In addition to great "cold" stopping power, the CP brake pads offer a much higher fade resistance than other industry standard "dual-purpose" pads.

This material is our ideal offering to bridge the gap between a street performance pad and a pure motorsport or "Race" pad which generally should not be street driven (due to high noise, dust, rotor wear).


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