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do88 Intercooler BMW N54/N55 E90/E92/E93 E82

do88 Intercooler BMW N54/N55 E90/E92/E93 E82

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do88 performance intercooler designed for an easy fitment in your BMW!

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Significant advantages with do88 performance intercooler (OEM intercooler):
- Greater core volume: 15517 cm3 (6933 cm3), 124 % larger!
- Larger frontal cooling area , 1151 cm2 vs 658 cm2, 75 % larger!
- Air flow at 0,15bar/2,18psi pressure drop: 498 CFM (354 CFM), 41 % higher!
- Peak powergain of 13 hp! Measured on 335xi N55 with Stage 1 tune.
- Lower post intercooler air temperature at same conditions: 43°C (58°C), 15°C lower! Measured on 335xi N55 all stock except the intercooler.

This intercooler is constructed to deliver the best cooling efficiency during tough conditions. Exclusively manufactured in aluminum with continuous welds, it guarantees reliability and endurance when you really need it. The increased core volume improves cooling efficiency and lower the intake air temperature. Naturally, this being a do88 performance product, we have executed thorough, severe and continuous tests developing this product to ensure best performance. Not one compromise has been made. This intercooler is immensely optimized to the given space for an easy fitment.

The stock intercooler has quick click connections for both hoses. These connections are both restrictive for the airflow and is not ideal in terms of reliability with a high boost tune. The stock intercooler has rubber hoses and plastic J-pipe (intercooler outlet pipe).
We have redesigned the intercooler connections to conventional Ø3” (76mm) hose connections. We include reinforced silicone hoses and a 2,5” (63mm) mandrel bent aluminium J-pipe to match these connections. Our J-pipe fits together with stock charge pipe or any aftermarket charge pipe that is designed to fit together with the stock plastic J-pipe.
All these improvements result in better cooling, lower pressure drop and a much more reliable intercooler setup for high boost tunes.

The 124% increased core volume is an achievement we are proud of. It´s a remarkable difference. Perceivable, to say the least. The engine pulls better all over the revs and withstands repeated full throttle runs without building heat. The perception of an intercooler being something to upgrade only after a major engine tune is false, yet widely spread among customers and car people. During hot Swedish summer days, at repeated pulls, inspired driving or even at ordinary driving in a hotter climate area, it doesn´t take much of an effort from the engine to generate dangerously high inlet temperatures – even on a standard, non-tuned, car. The cooling capacity with an OEM-intercooler is in many cases inferior which will affect the usable power outtake. The heat has to be eliminated, or else the promised output will be decreased as you start giving gas.

The stock intercooler plastic air guide will need to be trimmed (see instructions) to make it possible to install our large intercooler. This is required for most aftermarket intercoolers with a large stepped-core design such as ours. When the plastic air guide is trimmed it leaves a large gap at the top of the intercooler which lets valuable ambient air flow slip past the intercooler core. We could not accept this so we designed a plastic air guide which prevents this from happening, it is fastened on top of the intercooler core (this air guide is included in the kit).

This intercooler comes with everything necessary for an easy installation. Bolts, washers, hoses, clamps, J-pipe, air guide and installation instructions is of course included.

Do take care of your engine. Choose do88!




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