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FTP Turbo Inlet Pipe BMW B58 G20/Supra/G29 340/440

FTP Turbo Inlet Pipe BMW B58 G20/Supra/G29 340/440

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our intake pipe is replacement for the original plastic air intake pipe,

The FTP intake Pipe replaces the factory hose between the air filter and turbo and

that will not expand under boost. The system eliminates the OEM sound chamber which results in increased turbo response as well as mid-range and top-end power.

never blowup again

it improves the last restriction of air flow into the turbo.

This turbo intake pipe will improve turbo response, increase air flow and less turbo lag.

and we offer Viton o-ring

This is more stronger material than original


never leak again



*Increased Flow 

*Direct OEM Replacement

*Caliber increase 

*3-Ply Silicon Couplers

OEM part number



  • 3' G20   (01/2018 — 03/2019)
  • 4' G22     (01/2018 — 03/2019)
  • Z4 G29   (10/2017 — 03/2019)
  • A90 Supra B58


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