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Fuel-It! Port Injection Kits for BMW S58 M2/M3/M4/XM3 G80

Fuel-It! Port Injection Kits for BMW S58 M2/M3/M4/XM3 G80

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If you're making big power or running E85 with your 2020+ S58 powered BMW, you need this kit!

This is a complete plug & play kit to install port injection on your 2020+ S58 Equipped BMW in about 30 minutes.

(Check compatibility for your platform below)

The Fuel-It! S58 BMW Port Injection Kit is the ultimate fueling solution for your S58 powered BMW.  It adds six supplemental low-pressure fuel injectors allowing fueling of up to 1000+ whp using various fuels. 

This kit is compatible with pump gas, race gas, methanol, and E85.
CNC machined and anodized for long service life. Made in the USA. 


What's Included in the basic kit:

(1) Fuel-It! Billet Fuel Rail
(1) Stainless steel braided fuel line with black nylon sheathing to protect your other engine bay components
(1) Billet tee fitting for fuel supply that is compatible with stock fuel lines and our flex fuel kit. 
(1) -6AN ORB fitting 
(1) -6AN ORB plug
(2) 1/8" NPT plugs 
(3) 14 x 1 Stainless steel screws to secure the rail to your manifold 
(1) Injector installation jig
(1) 8 x 3/4" screw for the installation jig
(1) 21/64 drill bit to open the factory injector bosses
(1) Superlube®  

Suggested optional accessories:

Injectors:  Our kits use standard EV14 42mm injectors.  You can order them with the kit or supply your own injectors but you will need to add injectors for the kit to function.  Injectors are available in 550cc, 750cc, and 950cc flow ratings.

Port Injection Controller:  You must use a controller to run the additional injectors.  If you are running a JB4, then you will select the BMS port injection controller.  If you are not running a JB4 and just running a flash or factory ECU, you will need to stand alone (flash only) controller.

Flex Fuel:  If you are running ethanol mixes or E85, we highly recommend you run our flex fuel kit to integrate with the JB4 and to read your actual ethanol content.  The content can vary greatly from station to station and fill up to fill up.  If you already have one of our flex fuel kits installed, you can order the port injection kit and select "I already have your flex fuel kit" to receive the correct line from the ethanol sensor to the Tee fitting.  The supplied lines with your original flex fuel kit will work but the line from the ethanol sensor to the HPFP is bit long once you add the Tee fitting.

S58 Powered Vehicle Fitment:

• 2023+ S58 G87 BMW M2
2024+ S58 G87 BMW M2 Competition

• 2021+ S58 G80 BMW M3
2021+ S58 G80 BMW M3 Competition

• 2021+ S58 G82 BMW M4
2021+ S58 G82 BMW M4 Competition

• 2020+ S58 F97 X3M
2020+ S58 F97 X3M Competition

• 2020+ S58 F98 X4M
2020+ S58 F98 X4M Competition 

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JB4 Tuned X4M Port Injection

JB4 Tuned X3M X4M BMW Dyno Chart with Port Injection

G82 BMW M4 Competition M3 G80 JB4 Tuner Tune Port Injection
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