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Infinity Design Carbon Intake System BMW M3 | E90/E92/E93 S65

Infinity Design Carbon Intake System BMW M3 | E90/E92/E93 S65

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Infinity Design Carbon Intake System BMW M3 | E90/E92/E93 S65


For this application we have opted to do a complete redesign of the entire airbox.
The factory intake elbow reduces in size considerably from the plenum opening to the airbox.  Increasing the size or smoothing the inlet elbow has been the norm for most intakes with little to no effect in power.  The effect on airflow is minimal even if there is an increase in size after going through the restrictive and small area through the OEM airbox.

Our design strategy was to create an inlet tube which kept the cross sectional area of the plenum opening consistent and enlarged it.  In order to accomplish this we needed to redesign the complete airbox to allow such a large tube to pass through it.

The end result is a inlet tube which is significantly larger in volume and cross sectional area which slowly increases in size as it goes to the large surface area air filter.  The plenum can now take in air to it's maximum capacity as the cross sectional area remains the same and increases.

Air Filtration

Within the beautifully shaped carbon shaped enclosures sits our bespoke short stack high surface area filter larger than any cone filter design currently on offer on the market with a huge opening of 170mm (6 3/4") and is designed to take full advantage of the intake tubes by altering the direction of the airflow towards the outer walls.  By placing the air filters in front of the inlet tube we achieve the largest velocity stack ever seen for the S65 and which also has the best laminar flow.  It is important to note that we have painstakingly opted for the largest possible air filter for a various number of reasons.  Not only does a larger air filter allow for more air flow and therefore power but it also does not block up for longer and continues to be efficient at it's main purpose which is to filter the air of harmful elements.

The air filters are completely encapsulated within the air filter housing rejecting the all of the engine bay hot air and with the angle of the front inlet the air circulates around the air filter giving an even distribution of outside cool air.

Air Intake Temperatures | Heat Soak
The result is a system which matches the factory intake system for inlet temperatures.  In addition the system changes the air flow characteristics for a smoother delivery and allows more air to enter the engine more easily.

This fully developed and intelligently designed intake system is not just something that looks good in the engine bay but does an impeccible job as an air smoothing device, increasing air available, increasing air speed into the turbo's, allowing the turbo's to spool faster, filters for longer more efficiently, keeps intake air temperatures low and making a sophisticated race car like intake noise under load.  Most important of all, it is the way the engine becomes more alive, responsive and enjoyable to use not just under full load but also normal every day driving.



Pre-preg 3-piece autoclave carbon fiber construction.  Sealed design for optimal air temperature efficiency
Available in Gloss or Matt clear coated finish
Improved power, throttle response and induction noise
Plug & Play fitment 


Venturi Inlet Tube
Airbox Lid
Silicone Couplers
Hose Clamps

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