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MAD Charge Pipe BMW B58 gen 2

MAD Charge Pipe BMW B58 gen 2

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Upgrade from the stock BMW / Toyota Supra B58 charge pipe to the MAD B58 charge pipe for maximum airflow and reliability!

The stock BMW B58 charge pipe is plastic and prone to failure. It's only a matter of time before the charge pipe breaks or cracks. The MAD B58 charge pipe is a strong aluminum piece; it will provide better airflow, won't fail and fits like stock.

The MAD charge pipe retains the BMW C-clip and O-ring for the best fitment. Do not forget to move them from the stock charge pipe to the MAD option.

The MAD charge pipe comes with a meth bung; sealed. If you do not intend to use methanol injection, keep it closed.


  • Better airflow
  • More robust material (aluminum vs. plastic)
  • Meth bung
  • Lifetime warranty on defects and fitment
  • 90 day return period
  • All orders ship in 1-2 business days
  • Spot on fitment


Fitment (check the throttle body connection to confirm):

  • Toyota A90-A91 MKV Supra B58 3.0L
  • BMW G01 X3 xDrive40i B58 3.0L
  • BMW G02 X4 xDrive40i B58 3.0L
  • BMW G05 X5 xDrive40i B58 3.0L
  • BMW G06 X6 xDrive40i B58 3.0L
  • BMW G07 X7 xDrive40i B58 3.0L
  • BMW G11 740i B58 3.0L
  • BMW G11 740i xDrive B58 3.0L
  • BMW G11 745e xDrive B58 3.0L
  • BMW G42 M240i xDrive B58 3.0L
  • BMW G20 M340i B58 3.0L
  • BMW G20 M340i xDrive B58 3.0L
  • BMW G22 M440i xDrive B58 3.0L
  • BMW G29 Z4 sDrive M40i B58 3.0L


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