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MAD Cold Air Intake W/ Heat Shield BMW M5/M8 S63 F90 F92

MAD Cold Air Intake W/ Heat Shield BMW M5/M8 S63 F90 F92

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MAD Cold Air Intake W/ Heat Shield BMW M5/M8 S63 F90 F92

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Releases 11/19/2023

Revitalize your driving experience with MAD’s Cold Air Intake, exclusively designed for BMW M5 and M8 models in the F90 and F92 series. Ideal for those who demand more from their ride—whether it's a weekend track day or simply a more exhilarating commute. This intake system offers enhanced airflow, heat protection, and improved engine sound.

Key Features:

  • Maximized Airflow: Featuring a superior design that reduces air restriction, our Cold Air Intake ensures your BMW’s engine breathes better for noticeable performance gains.

  • Integrated Heat Shield: Overheating? Not on our watch. The package includes a strategically positioned heat shield that minimizes warm air flow into the intake, letting your engine inhale colder, denser air while allowing as much sound as possible from a open airbox design.

  • High-Quality Silicone Pipe: For a system that lasts, our intake comes equipped with a durable silicone pipe, known for its high temperature and pressure resistance.

  • Simple Installation: No professional help required. All the components, including mounting hardware, are provided for an uncomplicated DIY installation.

  • Sound Upgrade: Get ready for a more throaty and aggressive engine note that makes driving your BMW even more enjoyable.


  • BMW M5 (F90)
  • BMW M8 (F92)

What's Included:

  • Cold Air Filter
  • Silicone Intake Pipe
  • Heat Shield
  • Mounting Hardware
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