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MAD Intake/Turbo Inlet BMW G Chassis B58

MAD Intake/Turbo Inlet BMW G Chassis B58

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MAD introduces their G-chassis B58 BMW Turbo Inlet/Resonator Delete Pipe, a product designed to optimize airflow from the intake to the turbo, eliminating restrictions and increasing the inlet diameter for improved power and turbo efficiency.

The MAD G-chassis turbo inlet pipe offers a seamless replacement for the factory OEM unit.

The OEM turbo inlet in plastic construction is prone to pressure-related cracks and features a flow-hindering "resonator." Additionally, the factory piping has a smaller diameter that hinders performance. MAD's Aluminum G-chassis B58 Turbo Inlets provide a wider diameter and eliminate the factory resonator, resulting in smoother and more direct airflow to the turbo, along with an enhanced induction sound.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Anodized Black Finish
• Boosts turbo airflow
• Enhances engine responsiveness
• Durable aluminum construction surpasses the stock plastic inlet
• Removes the factory sound resonator for an improved auditory experience
• Maintains an understated OEM appearance

Compatible with the following BMW models (G/X chassis B58 Powered BMW only):

BMW 2 Series • 2022+ G2x B58 M240i/M240iX

BMW 3 Series • 2020+ G2x B58 M340i/M340iX

BMW 4 Series • 2021+ G2x B58 M440i/M440iX

BMW 5 Series • 2017+ G30 G32 B58 540i/540iX

BMW 7 Series • 2016+ G11/G12 B58 740i/740iX

BMW 8 Series • 2019+ G14 G15 G16 B58 840i/840iX/Gran Coupe

BMW X Series
• 2018+ G01 B58 X3 2.0i/3.0i/M40i including xDrive and sDrive
• 2019+ G02 B58 X4 3.0i/M40i including xDrive and sDrive
• 2019+ G05 B58 X5 40i/40iX
• 2019+ G06 B58 X6 40iX
• 2019+ G07 B58 X7 40i

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