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Project Mu

Project Mu G-Four 335 Racing Brake Fluid - DOT 4

Project Mu G-Four 335 Racing Brake Fluid - DOT 4

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Project Mu G-Four Brake Fluid is a 100% synthetic brake fluid for high performance driving. With a dry boiling point of 335°c and wet boiling point of 212°c this fluid offers excellent all round performance. When upgrading your brake system, you should always improve the quality of your fluid to match the increased demands on your braking system. * Dry Boiling Point - 335 C * Wet Boiling Point -221 C * Type - 100% Synthetic * Capacity - 1 liter

Totally reliable brake fluid that combines a boiling point so high it’s in another dimension with durability and maintainability. You know it’s time to change your G-four 335 brake fluid, which can reach close to 300C, when the color changes from green to crystal clear.

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