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Remus Exhaust Axle Back Muffler Only BMW M3 | M4 - G80 G82

Remus Exhaust Axle Back Muffler Only BMW M3 | M4 - G80 G82

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Muffler Style

Remus 2021+ BMW M3 (G80)/M4 (G82) Axle Back Exhaust

Ranked number one in the world, Austrian manufacturer REMUS is ahead of the game with their top of the line exhaust systems. At REMUS, an exhaust is not simply built and put on the market. Each setup is rigorously tested not just for optimum performance, but for the highest quality sound attainable. If they are not perfect, the system is re-engineered and tested until the perfect balance between performance and sound is achieved. Every REMUS exhaust system is crafted from only the finest aluminum and steel, giving it the durability necessary to stand up to the rigors of various driving styles.


Note, this is not a full axle back. This is just the muffler section of the Remus exhaust. Their exhaust is modular. This is for those who wish to change from one muffler type to another. See bottom of page for link to full exhaust suite.

Does not include exhaust tips.


Tube diameter:
Original tube Ø 70 mm
REMUS tube Ø 76 mm


  • Connection Tube & Tail Pipe Set Req


  • 2021+ BMW M3 (G80)/M4 (G82)
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