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RKTunes Performance Tune BMW M2C/ M3 / M4 F80 F82 F87 (2015-2019)

RKTunes Performance Tune BMW M2C/ M3 / M4 F80 F82 F87 (2015-2019)

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Additional Maps (Specify in Text box at checkout)

This is our tried and tested tune for an F8x M3/M4. These tunes were designed on a Dynojet dyno and tested in the real world! A Windows computer is required to utilize the RK-Tunes flash software. Check the FAQ section for windows device recommendations.


IMPORTANT: At check out, in the order notes section, you must type a list of all performance modifications.

Additional Maps or Part Upgrades -  200$
I.e) Adding Port injection/hpfp/lpfp

Port injection tuning (Reflex) included as long as installed before ordering base map if added after tuning a di only base map there will be a charge.

350$ To Schedule Remote Tuning

⦁ Increased target boost pressure
⦁ Top speed governor removed
⦁ Increased Valvetronic valve lift
⦁ Increased RPM rev limit (optional but not suggested)
⦁ VANOS cam timing adjustment
⦁ smoother throttle response
⦁ Ignition timing enhancements
⦁ Air/Fuel Ratio enhancements

⦁ Fuel - Selectable fuel octane rating for your first map (91, 93, E85 blend up to 100% E85 if your fuel system can handle it)
⦁ Rear O2 Sensor desensitization - If you are running aftermarket downpipes please make sure to type so in the modification box O2 Sensor delete.
⦁ Cold Start Delete - All F8x M3/M4s have a cold start calibration to heat up the catalytic converters. If you're unhappy with the way your M3 or M4 idles/runs/sounds while cold please type in into the modification box and we will disable the cold start in your tune. This is highly advised if you are running a cat less exhaust system as the cold start is often very loud.
⦁ Backfire/Burble. This makes your car backfire or burble when you lift off the gas. The aggressiveness can be adjusted depending on what you want. We suggest catless downpipes if you want an aggressive burble / backfire.

60 to 150+ WHP
60 to 150+ WTQ

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