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Tensility Motorsports (TMS)

Tensility Motorsports (TMS) ReFlex Harness Kit BMW M2/M3/M4 G80/G82/G87 S58

Tensility Motorsports (TMS) ReFlex Harness Kit BMW M2/M3/M4 G80/G82/G87 S58

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Plug and play harness for ReFlex Plus for BMW G8X engine S58.


The TMS ReFlex Harness Kit is a plug and play harness designed for direct connection to the ReFlex Plus controller, improving reliability and reducing loose connections and lengthy troubleshooting.


  • No splicing or permanent modifications required

  • Return car to stock if desired

  • Seamless connection with ReFlex Plus, ReFlex low pressure fuel sensor, and TMS Flex Fuel Kit


  • CAN bus wire: SAE J2284 Communication Standard for High-Speed CAN (HSC) and CAN FD applications

    • Ensures no loss or corruption of data in critical systems

  • All other wires: SAE J1128 Low Voltage Primary Cable Standard

    • Suitable for sensors, power, and engine bay environments


  • ReFlex™ plug and play harness

    • This plug and play harness connects to all of the following: port injection, ethanol sensor, low pressure fuel sensor, MAP, intake CAM, and crank sensor.

  • CAN + power splitter

    • The CAN + power splitter connects the harness to the body domain controller in the passenger footwell behind the kick-plate.

  • Auxiliary cable pack

    • Four additional cables are included to simplify future expansions such as additional sensors, methanol, or NOS.  These 8 ft. cables plug directly into the unused ReFlex™ harness auxiliary ports Aux Out 1/2/3 and Aux in 4 (PSI).

  • ReFlex Plus™ mounting bracket

    • The mounting bracket holds the ReFlex™ safely in place in the access compartment next to the engine bay on the passenger side.

  • Available with or without ReFlex Plus™ and Motiv™ 0-10 Bar Pressure Sensor

Compatible Car Models:

  • 2021-present BMW™ M3 G80

  • 2021-present BMW™ M4 G82

  • 2021-present BMW™ M4 convertible G83

  • 2023 BMW™ M2 G87

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