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Valvetronic Designs Valved Axleback Exhaust / Muffler BMW F30 F22 F36 F32 N55 B58 B46 N20

Valvetronic Designs Valved Axleback Exhaust / Muffler BMW F30 F22 F36 F32 N55 B58 B46 N20

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Welcome to our newest revision of our F chassis valved exhaust setup. This V2 setup for your BMW offers up new improvements to aid in the ultimate sound experience. Utilizing new manufacturing techniques, this system is truly a cut above the rest and is engineered to last. Built entirely by hand at our facility here in Chambersburg PA, The V2 F chassis exhaust features a new valve design to ensure optimal operation for the life of your system. In addition, hangers have been relocated and muffler internals revised to provide a more docile and refined experience when the valves are closed. Lastly, a new cast Y pipe design helps aid in the goal of maximum exhaust flow and the most sonorous sound experience

Sound Dynamics:

The F chassis exhaust gives a very unique sound experience to the BMW F chassis platform. Allowing to instantaneously go from loud to the quiet mode when the system is operating with the valve opened you get a very raw and deep sound characteristic. When closed the system retains stock-like sound levels. When operating with a valve opened you get very loud and aggressive pops and snaps on the overrun aggressive gear change sound and overall a raw engaging sound experience unparalleled by any other system on the market. The F chassis exhaust was designed from the ground up to be an uncompromising sound experience regardless of your situation. There is nothing else quite like it on the market.


320i 2012-2016
328i 2012-2016
330i 2016-2018
335i 2012-2016
340i 2016-2018

F32/ F33 /F36

420i 2012-2017
428i 2012 -2017
430i 2017-2019
435i 2012-2017
440i 2017-2019


228i 2014 -2016
230i 2016 -2019
M235i 2014-2016
M240i 2017-2019


M135i 2014-2017
M140i 2017-2019

* FOR ALL B58/B46 OWNERS: System requires minor modifications to midpipe to fit:

*FOR ALL 4 CYLINDER OWNERS: An adaptor pipe is supplied when selecting 4 cylinder applications. This can be welded or clamped. Our team recommends welding this for maximum longevity.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan on ordering this exhaust for your 4 Cylinder BMW you will need the 6 Cylinder diffuser for the dual tips to come out correctly. For instance, If you have a 428i and want to fit our exhaust, you will need to cut your diffuser or use the 435i M sport dual exit diffuser.

Fully Mandrel bend for maximum flow
Precision tig welds for high strength
Built from Brushed T304 Stainless Steel
Sleeve style exhausts tips for that perfect look
Electronic Valves (rapid open and close function)
Exhaust valve integration into factory dynamic drive modes
Extension harness included plugging factory exhaust valve controller in




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