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Verus Engineering

Verus Engineering Intake Duct Toyota Supra MK5

Verus Engineering Intake Duct Toyota Supra MK5

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The Verus Engineering cold air intake duct was designed for one main purpose, to force feed the factory air box with cool ambient airflow. We found during on-track testing, the intake temperature (pre-turbo, just after the air filter) was roughly 20 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient temperature, which is less than ideal. This was specifically designed to combat and fix this issue.

Using in house scan data during the design process, we were able to design the carbon units to maximize the volume given the space constraints and so that the parts fit well with the factory body lines.

The units are produced from 2x2 twill carbon fiber. The intake duct bolts to OE locations and the bumper duct installs with 3M double-sided foam tape for an easy and effective install.



  • 2x2 Twill 3k Carbon Fiber

  • Silicone Transition Hose
  • Pre-Preg Carbon, Autoclaved Cured
  • High Gloss Automotive Clear


    • Improved Turbo and Engine Performance

    • Cooler Ambient Airflow
    • Pressurized Air to the Intake Box
    • Carbon Construction with a High-Gloss Finish
    • Simple Installation

        What's Included:

        • (1) Bumper Duct
        • (1) Intake Duct
        • (1) Silicone Hose
        • (1) 3M Tape
        • (1) Paper Template
        • (2) Grommet
        • Install Guide
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