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VR Aero

VR Aero Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler BMW M3 G80 | BMW M4 G82

VR Aero Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler BMW M3 G80 | BMW M4 G82

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The new BMW M3 G80 | M4 G82 chassis features an updated front end that encompasses performance, aerodynamics, and engineering all in one. The VR Aero carbon fiber front lip spoiler improves the aggressive look of the BMW M3 M4 that some aren't keen on it, but others love.

VR Aero set out to complete the aggressive look of the BMW M3 M4 with a bespoke carbon fiber front lip that flows with the body. Utilizing 3D scanning and CAD programs, VR Aero achieved perfection by delivering precise fitting carbon fiber that requires no modification to install. The elegant 2x2 (3K Twill Weave) will grab your eyes and draw you closer to the glossy finish that shows the depth of the weave. Using pre-preg carbon allows for the front lip spoiler to have a sturdy construction while giving it the lightweight property everyone knows and loves.

VR Aero matches the OEM quality that BMW M3 M4 owners insist on by bringing the best product to the market. UV-resistant epoxy eliminates the chances of the M3 M4 front lip spoiler getting yellow and hazy over time. This is commonly seen in cheaper carbon fiber products as a yellow haze can form after being exposed to UV rays. The glossy clear coat also adds another layer of protection against the elements.


3K 2x2 twill-weave construction
Pre-preg dry carbon fiber is 60% lighter and significantly stronger that standard layups.
Utilization of 3D modeling offers superior fitment
The autoclave process increases durability and longevity
UV resistant resin prevents yellowing and hazing of the fibers
Marvelous shine thanks to the glossy clear coat
OEM-Plus manufacturing and appearance
No modification required for installation
BMW M3 G80 | M4 G82 Chassis
**Does Not Fit M Performance Bumpers**

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