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VR Performance

VR Performance Titanium Charge Pipe and J-Pipe Kit BMW B58 gen 2 Toyota Supra A90 A91

VR Performance Titanium Charge Pipe and J-Pipe Kit BMW B58 gen 2 Toyota Supra A90 A91

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The Toyota Supra MKV also known as the A90 | A91 has been a huge hit in the tuner car world. This car uses the BMW B58 engine. These cars have already been boosted up to almost as much power as their predecessor, the Supra MKIV. With more power, weak points start to appear in the engine and accessories. One of the most common failures of tuned B58 3.0T engines is the factory chargepipes cracking or popping off. This failure of the plastic pipes can be due to increase boost pressure with how easy it is to tune these. VR Performance has the perfect performance upgraded that is functional and sexy to look at under the hood. The titanium chargepipe and j-pipe kit will solve these issue while improving efficiency.

The VR Performance chargepipe kit is made up of the Hot Side and Cold Side sections. The hot side includes 1 titanium pipe that is a direct bolt-on in place of the factory part. These new pipes help to delivery charge air efficiently to the engine. The increased volume allows for higher boost without the possibility of cracking or popping off. Precision fitment of the replacement parts is done using stunning titanium pipe cuts from 3D scanning of the factory pieces.

The cold side "J-pipe" is also titanium featuring a precision mounted PCV connection which prevents check engine lights and limp mode. We have also incorporated a pre-capped 1/8" NPT bung into each pipe for those that may want to run water/meth injection.

Each kit Includes heavy duty couplers, hose clamps, and all hardware required for the installation.


  • Functional and stunning titanium construction
  • Lightweight at 3.1lbs
  • Precision fitment and PCV location
  • OEM replacement
  • Easy installation thanks to provided hardware
  • Can withstand high boost pressure
  • No check engine light
  • Everything required for installation included

Vehicle Fitment (Gen2 B58 engines only)
Works with automatic and manual transmissions

BMW 2 Series
• 2022+ G42 B58 BMW M240i and M240i xDrive

BMW 3 Series
• 2019+ G20 G21 B58 BMW M340i 
and M340i xDrive

BMW 4 Series
• 2021+ G22 G23 G26 B58 BMW M440i 
and M440i xDrive including Gran Coupe

BMW 7 Series
• 2016-2022 G11 G12 B58 BMW 740i including xDrive

• 2019+ BMW G29 B58 Z4 M40i

X Series
• 2019-2022 G05 B58 BMW X5 40i including xDrive
• 2020+ G06 B58 X6 40i xDrive
• 2019-2022 G07 B58 BMW X7 40i including xDrive

Toyota Supra
• 2020+ Toyota GR Supra Mk5 B58 3.0L 6 cyl.

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