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Vargas Turbo Tech (VTT)

VTT B58 GC/GC+ Turbocharger Upgrade

VTT B58 GC/GC+ Turbocharger Upgrade

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Ready to take your B58 to the next level?  Don’t want to deal with core charges, long lead times, or restrictive factory housings? Look no further! VTT has you covered with our 100% new casting B58 “GC” “GC-MID” and  “GC+” turbocharger upgrade. We start by keeping the great design elements of the factory B58 turbo and removing the not-so-great ones such as the small factory inlet area, bearing housing oil structure, thrust bearing, and anything else we saw that could be improved upon.  With the basics covered, we stepped it up a level adding in proprietary VTT changes and finished off by having all these parts cast to OE quality.  What this means for you is serious B58 power made easy; GC’s are a drop in B58 turbocharger upgrade that supports over 600WHP while maintaining factory spool and all factory connections including oil, water, downpipe, and charge pipe.

Key Design Elements:

  • All new castings with factory restrictions removed. No oversized wheels stuffed into factory housings here! GC is cold side, and bearing housing only, GC+ is a complete unit
  • Full 3″ turbocharger inlet size with an included 3-4″ silicone inlet elbow that removes ALL factory inlet restrictions
  • 9 blade Mar-M 246 turbine wheel with the latest aero technology for increased flow while maximizing spool
  • 9 blade “point-milled” compressor wheels with the latest aero technology to maximize flow while virtually eliminating surge
  • Direct connection to ALL factory lines including oil, water, downpipe, and factory charge pipe
  • Redesigned, and improved internal components including bearing housing oiling, and an upgraded thrust bearing
  • NO CORE CHARGES. The new unit is sold to you outright. Keep your old unit in case you ever want to go back to stock. Or sell it to recoup your investment -it’s up to you!
  • No long lead times; once fully released production units will be on the shelf for same to next day shipping (please inquire about stock levels when ordering)
  • Full 12-month unlimited mileage/No Hassle Warranty. If you have an issue we will replace the unit no questions asked

Turbocharger Purchase includes:

  • 1 – VTT B58  “GC” turbocharger
  • 1 – VTT B58 “GC” 3″-4″ Silicone inlet elbow with adapters for factory connections
  • 1 – 3″ hose clamp for silicone inlet elbow
  • 1 –  optional 4″ connector for inlet elbow for use with different intakes (if you are not sure you need this, order it just in case)

As with any turbocharger upgrade it should be coupled with complimenting upgrades such as fuel system upgrades, intake, downpipe, intercooler, tune, etc. While you will see gains going from stock turbo to a GC/GC+ with no other changes, to realize the full potential of the upgrade other parts/tune must be added.

Be sure to grab a B58 install kit to ensure a quick, and trouble-free install!

All of our Kits come with the 4" Aluminum connector for turbo inlet

All Orders will ship with Insurance and Signature Confirmation 

The GC, GC-MID, and GC+ Come with a silicone intake tube, that will fit the stock airbox, and SOME intakes with no mods. It does not fit all, such as Injen, etc. If this is the case, you can either modify something work, or you can add the VTT MAF housing, and filter which will work with the GC inlet hose.

Please be aware. This system removes the PTC heater, and it WILL register a shadow code in the DME. In our testing, this did NOT throw a check engine light. The code is only there if your scan the car. If you wish to remove the code it must be coded out.

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