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Vargas Turbo Tech (VTT)

VTT G80/82 CNC Billet Aluminum Strut Braces

VTT G80/82 CNC Billet Aluminum Strut Braces

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While BMW did a beautiful job on the G8X M3/4’s they sure decided to get cheap out on the strut bars. Ugly steel bars with no real pop or aesthetically pleasing qualities seem like an afterthought to such a well-thought-out car.

Well, here at VTT we decided to do something about it, and immediately took our bars off, and let our engineers go to work on a solution. What they came up with is beautiful, and functional. Going from a single “V” Bar, and one strut bar, it’s now an interlocking 3 piece design with the “V” bar locking together, with itself, and an extra center support. The result adds a gorgeous look to your M3/4 engine bay, and what BMW should have done from the factory.

These are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, and anodized in Black, Red, or Clear. We offer a custom anodize color for $300 extra. The lead time on custom colors is 3-5 weeks.


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