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Vargas Turbo Tech (VTT)

VTT Ignition Coil Kits N55 S55 B48 B58 S58

VTT Ignition Coil Kits N55 S55 B48 B58 S58

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VTT is proud to offer ignition coil replacements for the N5X/s55 platforms, as well as B58/S58/B48

We started our quest for coils by contacting multiple coil manufacturing companies, paying for individual coils to be made then putting them through rigorous testing in the USA to ensure they matched or exceeded factory output. Once we were satisfied with the testing, we had the best performing coils made to our colors and specs.

VTT N5X coils are tested against Delphi 10571 coils which are an upgrade over stock N5X factory coils. The VTT performance matches or exceeds a Delphi 10571 Coil

VTT B58 Coils are tested against a factory Bosch B58 coil. The VTT performance matches or exceeds the factory B58 Bosch Coil

We offer these coils as complete sets for the N54/N55/S55, B58/B48/S58, and the VAG platforms in either 4, or 5 cylinders. We also offer upgraded plugs which are highly recommended to change when doing coil replacements

These coils come in 3 colors, Red, Black, and Blue, and are not simply an aesthetic upgrade but match or exceed the factory secondary spark energy. The VAG coil, is extremely potent, and the tester was so impressed with it compared to the factory coil, he called it a “BEAST” of a coil


The testing was performed on the following setup.

The test setup was configured in compliance with the SAE 973-202011 standards with a modification to the measurement of secondary spark current. The modification being the use of a shunt resistor instead of a current clamp for increased accuracy of secondary spark current measurements. It is important to note that comparisons cannot be directly made between my tests and tests performed by others as conditions and component tolerances will vary. Much like a dyno, accurate comparisons can only be achieved when testing is performed with the same equipment and procedures (although I do welcome others to repeat my tests).

All tests were performed at a power supply regulated voltage of 14V with a lead acid battery inline for buffering. Dwell time was controlled by a waveform generator (simulated 8000 RPM) that is controlling a ISL9V5036S3ST IGBT as the coils tested are all “dumb” coils without igniters. The ISL9V5036S3ST is the same IGBT that is used in MSD80 DME’s and was picked to compare thermal data between the coils tested and the stock N54/N55 ignition coils. The thermal study was conducted with the IGBT in free air at room temperature (67F) with no thermal compound or heatsinking. This was done to better see the impact of certain coils and dwell times on the IGBT without having to sample data for an hour. Thermal tests concluded once the IGBT reached 160F or 260 seconds of testing. IGBT temperature was sampled every 20 seconds with a FLIR thermal imaging camera while ignition coil temperature was sampled every 20 seconds with two thermocouples.

Note:  To extract maximum performance from VTT coils minor tune changes are required to optimize dwell periods. 

Optimal dwell periods for VTT coils are as follows:

VTT N5x:  3.4ms

VTT B58:  4.7ms


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