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We've been working tirelessly since late 2015 to create a truly unique cloud based performance flash tuning platform offering benefits both end users and tuners in ways prior unimaginable!

With a piggyback the end user has only partial control over boost but no direct control over any other critical engine parameters such as ignition timing, lambda targets, fuel pressure targets, torque/load targeting, throttle mapping, valve timing and duration, various torque and load limiters, among others.

The other option that existed prior to BM3 was a one-time flash offered by many tuners that doesn't offer any diagnostics, datalogging or map switching capability. If the end user wanted to customize their tune for different modifications, octane levels, go bigger turbos with a built motor, datalog how the car was running, to get the most performance out of their car there simply wasn't any way of doing so, UNTIL NOW :)

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